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Can you answer these questions?

This is not a matter of just answering the question, but to answer with the next line in the lyrics…. (Warning: some of the answers are not in any official listing of the lyrics)

Good luck.

What is love?

He was a boy/She was a girl/Can I make it any more obvious?

Should I stay or should I go now?

Why does my heart feel so bad?

Have you ever seen the rain?

How soon is Now?

Is this the real life?

How Deep is Your Love?

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?

Am I a man or am I a muppet?

Selfie shots

I’ve decided to try posting a few selfie pics to try add some more personal original content to this blog for a while…

Here’s from what i can work out, the usual (and not so usual) daily posts..

Monday - Motivation
Tuesday - Tummy
Wednesday - Wet
Thursday - Throwback
Friday - Foodie
Saturday - Smiling
Sunday - Sober

Let’s see what i come up with…..


This dog is a boss. He can practically own any environment. Just look how chill he is bossing it out in the leaves. Then he just chills and relaxes for a bit in the flower fields. The he digs himself upon the freezing cold ice in freezing temperatures and has this expression of ”I’m god, bitch. You cannot defeat me.”

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Post-it Notes Left on the Train

Writer and illustrator October Jones, the creative genius behind Text From Dog and these funny train commute doodles, is at it again with these hilarious motivational post-it notes that he leaves on the train and in other random places.The upbeat doodles, which star Jones’ adorable character Peppy the Inspirational Cat, convey positive and funny messages meant to motivate daily commuters. Whether you’re feeling the Monday blues or in need of some encouragement, Jones’ delightful post-it notes are sure to brighten your day and remind you just how awesome you are.

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